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Eliminate Stress & Excel In Every Aspect Of Your Life & Career

Eliminate Stress & Excel In Every Aspect Of Your Life & Career

Helping Professional, Executive & Entrepreneurial Women Discover the Secrets About How to Stop Bad Habits & Cut Stress-Overwhelm That Makes Life Hell...So That You Can Excell in Your Career, Business, Relationships & Health. 10X Your Confidence
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Discover The Top FIVE, 5 minute stress STOPPERs 

Get Actionable Stress Relieving Suggestions You Can Implement Today!

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Discover The Top FIVE,
5 minute stress STOPPERs 

Get Actionable Stress Relieving Suggestions You Can Implement Today!

Life Doesn't Have To Be So Complicated

Let’s face it…life is as complicated as it can possibly be these days.

Whether it’s information-overload, your job, home life, health or financial worries all stress has the same negative effect: when you’re stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed everything suffers: your health, weight relationships, work performance, sleep patterns, ability to focus and be productive - and your zest for life turns into a life that feels out of control with no way to regain your well-being and the “edge” you used to have.

It’s a vicious circle that causes you to try to cope with any number of negatives: insomnia, overeating, nail biting, drinking, smoking, quick to anger, depression, racing mind and other negative habits and syndromes.

If you could magically change things, how would you like life to be? Silly question right? You’d want it simpler, calmer – you’d want to be highly productive, have more time to yourself, great relationships and feel personally fulfilled. You’d have the energy and focus to excel is business or career, and so much more.

You can have that life. It may seem a far-off dream but clients of mine have created it!

How Stress Hurts You...

Productivity & Performance

You have aspirations and goals, but un-managed stress takes a big toll, causing things like sleep 
problems, fatigue, illness and 
anxiety. Before you know it 
you’ve lost your edge.


You pride yourself on keeping
good relationships with friends, family and your staff, but unmanaged stress can make you irritable, moody, depressed and quick to anger.  Before you know it your relationships suffer at home and at work.

Health & Wellbeing

You know staying healthy is vital to living your best life, but the build up of stress hurts your immune system, 
depletes your energy  reserves, upsets hormonal balance and leaves you more vulnerable to illnesses, weight gain and emotional upset

Addiction Recovery

Addictions of all kinds are, at first, diversions -a way to cope with the stress of life -
but they very quickly become another stressful problem. on top of what you already were dealing with. Addictions can so overtake your life that they ruin your health, happiness, 
finances, relationships, career and peace of mind.

Barbie Hall Gummin

Promoter, Author, Speaker, Life Coach

Dr. Winsey is a phenomenal coach. She was featured on my radio show, The Life Coaching Connection and helped people turn their lives forward from feeling overworked, stressed out and emotionally distraught to feeling empowered with renewed energy to reach new goals and objectives in life. I highly recommend recommend Dr Winsey to anyone looking for an excellent, motivating and transformational coach.

Art Emrich MBA, PhD

Head Coach at U-Solutions, LLC

I am a business and professional coach and an instructor in NLP and hypnosis, so Dr. Winsey and I have a lot of common educational and professional experiences. I asked her to be my coach as I had gotten myself on overload - was not getting important things accomplished and was gaining weight, too. She is so organized! And soon she had me more organized. She has a number of coaching protocols that work to streamline the process and get planning and decision-making aspects working well. She is great at strategy and is a dependable follow-upper. I am now back on tract and also losing weight! I highly recommend her as a coaches' coach.

Pamela Horton

Business & Success Coach

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Winsey on multiple projects that included public speaking and break out sessions. It was an absolute pleasure to join forces with her. She is knowledgeable and a very dynamic speaker. She has the ability to connect with her audience in a natural and organic way. Her programs are practical and contain all the necessary components to help an individual go from where they are to where they want to be.

Your Next Steps

Decreasing stress levels and performing better in every area of your life is easier than you think! It can be done in 3 steps:

Book a Call

It all starts when we talk!
We’ll talk about what’s most important 
to you, and answer your urgent 
concerns. You won’t know if I’m the 
coach for you, (and I won’t know if you’re 
a client I can help) until we spend a little 
time together.

Discover the Real Problem

Sometimes what you think is the 
problem is a symptom of the REAL
problem. More often than not you 
know the “real problem” but haven’t 
wanted to admit it. The first step to 
lasting change is identifying WHAT 
MUST change in order to get the 
result you’re looking for. 

Excel in Every Area of Your Life

Most of the people who give up 
on their goals and dreams don’t 
understand the process of making lasting change. When life’s pressures are on, they get overwhelmed, and they crumble at setbacks and tell themselves it will never happen. But when you have the right kind of support and a proven system to follow, before you know it life will look a whole lot better!

To take the first step, simply click the button below and Book your FREE call with me NOW!

Who Is Dr. Chris Winsey?

The daughter of an alcoholic, Chris started at 14 to struggle with the yo-yo of anorexia and binge-overeating, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Out of the journey of her own recovery grew her passion to help others achieve optimum states of health, joy and empowerment. 

With her Unique P.O.W.E.R. U.P. System, she is on a mission to facilitate healing and transformation for 100,000 people before she’s done. She has helped hundreds of clients already to stop the multiple symptoms of stress burnout. Her clients…

- Conquer negative and addictive habits.
- Increase energy and master living a consistent healthy lifestyle.
- Reduce and manage life stress, regain happiness and joy of living.
- Increase focus, clarity, productivity and performance.
- Prioritize life’s demands so they can focus on what really matters most.

“Dr. Chris” began her practice as a holistic health and life coach in 2003. Prior to coaching she practiced holistic health care since 1983 and her degrees include Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) and Certified Addictionologist (C.A.) and a Licensed Massage Therapist. Her additional studies include a wide variety of mind-body-spirit wellness techniques: Reiki, medical massage therapy, meridian therapy, Take Action Training, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP certified), emotional freedom technique (EFT), Silva Mind Control, hypnotherapy, meditation, mindfulness, meditation and applied kinesiology.   

Available by Phone, Zoom, Skype or In-Person at her Office
Coaching is equally effective whether long-distance or in person. Dr. Chris offers both.


Frequently Asked Questions

We've proven the best way to gain clarity and a new life experience is through harmoniously combining 3 major pillars of your life:

Q: How do I know this will work for me?
Whatever your stress story the chances are, Dr. Chris has helped many people with struggles like yours, to overcome them. Having struggled with, and triumphed over her own painful challenges, Dr. Chris is someone who’s been there, who understands what it takes to make the shift, and who has coached hundreds of people like you to get results.
Q: How will you help me?
With a holistic approach to coaching, you will achieve greater health, happiness and success through a system that has worked for hundreds of Dr. Chris’ clients - The P.O.W.E.R. U.P. System for personal wellness and transformation. 

You will use practical, simple, cutting edge tools and techniques that tap into the magic of the nervous system, leveraging the mind-body-spirit connection and your own inherent wisdom.
Q: Why should I worry about this now?
As you’ve seen there are so many ways stress affects you and can destroy health, happiness, relationships and careers. Studies have proven that as much as 75-90% of all doctor visits for illnesses of all kinds are due to stress. 

 We live in a world where stress is increasing all the time. Whether you’re a busy professional, executive or solopreneur, if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of stress you need to get a handle on them fast!
Q: Why couldn’t I just do this on my own?
There are many self-help books available, and practicing meditation and mindfulness are free. How many times have you tried to make changes only to fall back into the same patterns?

One thing is for sure, mental, emotional and stressful lifestyle habits run deep. Life doesn’t stop, and going it alone makes it easy to just give up when the going gets tough. Having a caring, experienced and empowering mentor to “walk beside you on the journey of change” provides the kind of support that prevents self-sabotage. 
Q: What are some of the warning signs that stress is seriously hurting me?
Stress manifests in many ways and its different for each person. Usually it hits you where you’re weakest. Here are just some of the more serious symptoms. If you’re experiencing them, it’s time to make a change: Lost focus & brain fogginess; getting angry more often and more intensely than usual, getting sick frequently (colds, flu, headaches, digestive problems or flare up of other health conditions), depression, procrastination, poor sleep, addictions, relationships problems, fatigue and poor productivity, loss of ambition.
Better Focus & Endurance

3-10x your Focused Productivity and your ability to stay on task for an extended period of time without falling off the performance curve and losing quality in your work.

Better Memory & Capacity

The ability to retain more information and call it up upon demand so you spend more time producing and less time recalling

More Confidence & Motivation

Gain the ability to absorb complex information and ideas so you can turn them into meaningful outcomes, create greater impact, and have the confidence to finish what you start

Increase Creativity & Inspiration

Creativity is not finite. STAXX helps the right and left hemispheres of the Brain communicate in a fluid, natural and highly optimized way so you will achieve maximum "creative problem-solving"  output

  • Don't recognize the person you see in the mirror every morning
  • Are tired of being winded playing with your family or going up stairs
  •  Are sick of trying program after program only to see the weight go back up and feeling the same 
  • Are feeling miserable waking up stiff and sore every morning
  • Are tired of having low energy
then we would LOVE to have you! 

We have built a remarkable program that works and filled it with people just LIKE YOU that will not quit! It's time to let go of the past version of you!

Left unchecked and unmanaged, chronic stress is shown to have a snowball effect...

Stress challenges your immune system. It keeps your body in hyperdrive - trying to keep you going. You become depleted and more vulnerable to illnesses; in fact people who ignore the stress and just keep going get more colds, flu, headaches and increased flare ups and symptoms of other conditions.   

You may experience insomnia, a racing mind, increased worry and anxiety or depression. You may turn to addictive habits just to cope, and these only cause more problems in your life.

Your relationships may suffer as you find yourself quicker to anger, causing you to yell at your spouse, your kids or your staff at minor things you normally wouldn’t get upset about.

75% or more of doctor visits are due to stress, and up go your healthcare costs. You may miss work, due to illness, and your job performance and productivity may suffer, and affect your career.

As you can see the snowball of unchecked stress is no laughing matter. It’s costly in more ways than one.

 © 2020 Dr. Chris Winsey. All Rights Reserved

 © 2020 Dr. Chris Winsey. All Rights Reserved